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A rich and proud history routing back to 1931

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The newest generation tyre uniformity measuring machine

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Uniformity of A Tyre

The smooth running of a vehicle as well as the wear out of different vehicle parts are influenced by the uniformity of the tyre. Today, different influences are known which can cause non-uniformity. Different measuring methods have been created to detect and to evaluate these. Radial and lateral force fluctuations, lateral force, cone and angle effects are relevant force data. True and flat running, staggering, circumference or dynamic roll radius as well as bulges and depressions are geometric measuring data.

The RGM-E machine is integrated in a production line and is designed for automatic examining where the following is determined:

  • Radial Force Fluctuation (RFF)
  • Lateral Force Fluctuation (LFF)
  • 1. – 10. Harmonic RFF (1. – 10. H RFF)
  • 1. – 10. Harmonic LFF ( 1. – 10. H LFF)
  • Lateral Force (LF)
  • Cone Effect (CE)
  • Angle Effect (AE)
  • True Running (TR)
  • Flat Running (FR)
  • 1. – 5. Harmonic TR (1. – 5. H TR)
  • 1. – 5. Harmonic FR (1. – 5. H FR)
  • Bulges and depressions
  • Dents and cuts
  • Staggering
  • Circumference
  • Dynamic roll radius

Main Features

  • High precision and measuring accuracy
  • Short cycle times
  • High quality pressure wheel and guide ways
  • Centralised lubrication
  • Rim changing device
  • Valve boxes
  • Siemens control system S7
  • PC measuring electronics
  • Long durability and high availability
  • Proven in the tire and automobile industry


The automotive industry, the tire industry and finally the end users are making high demands on the quality of tires. HOFMANN tires testing equipment is well-known for top quality, reliability and excellent measurement results worldwide. All our products are custom-made solutions to the requirements of the tire industry and are designed for passenger car, SUV, light truck tires.

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