Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann megaplan

A rich and proud history routing back to 1931

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+43 6214 646612

megamount 913XL Racing

Fully-automatic tyre changer with parallel mounting arm and double bead breaker
megamount 913XL_product
megamount 913XL Racing megamount 913XL Racing

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  • PAR-MOVE: Pneumatic supported parallel movement of the mounting arm
  • DOUBLE BEAD BREAKER: Smart Blade and Double Roller: Use roller for RunFlat /LowProfile, the shovel for all others.
  • LEVER/NoLEVER pneumatic mounting and demounting kit.
  • CENTER POST: clamping with Smart Lock. Rim touching only in the middle. Double speed.
  • BP1 PLUS: bead pressing arm with “home” function
  • Air Control Box with inflating and maintenance set.
  • Reinforced chassis - eliminating all flexes.
  • Big Toolbox
  • Clamping range 12-30 inches

Brochure Download

Brochure download