Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann megaplan

A rich and proud history routing back to 1931

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megamount Smart X

The Ultimate Tyre Fitting & Removal Technology
megamount SmartX
megamount Smart X megamount Smart X megamount Smart X megamount Smart X

With safety at the heart of the Smart X’s operation, this machine can handle
any passenger car tyre with minimal effort and zero risk to the rim or tyre.

  • ROLLER BEAD BREAKER: Bead breaking by disks,
    without contact with the rim, works with tyre assembly
    in horizontal position.
  • XTOOL: touchless, lever less pneumatic mounting and demounting tool.
  • CENTER POST: clamping with Smart Lock.
    Rim touching only in the middle. Double speed.
  • LASER POSITION of all tools to avoid contact with rim in any situation.
  • BP1 PLUS: bead pressing arm with “home” function
  • Air Control Box: Inflating pressure limiting device (3,5bar)
    with oiler and water separator, Automatic rollup of inflating tube.
  • Reinforced Chassis: extremely  robust  and  stiff, 
    granting  increased  rigidity  and eliminating all flexes.
  • Big Toolbox.
  • Clamping range 12-30 inches

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Brochure download