Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann megaplan

A rich and proud history routing back to 1931

+43 6214 646612

+43 6214 646612

megamount 851-2

Heavy duty tyre changer with a 90 degree angle between chuck and tool. For trucks, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles
megamount 851-2 megamount 851-2
  • Hydraulic movement of clamping chuck holding arm (up-down and left-right)
  • Hydraulic travel movement of operating arm carriage (left-right).
  • Operating arm and clamping chuck arm tilting in same direction working always with a 90° angle.
  • Double tool (disk+finger) automatic rotation
  • Wheel clamping by fully hydraulic operated jaws.
  • Operating arm automatic tilting and travelling on carriage.
  • All motions controlled by console and pedal box.
  • Emergency safety button on control console for stopping all functions.
  • Rim center hole clamping range Ø80-1200mm

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