Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann megaplan

A rich and proud history routing back to 1931

+43 6214 646612

+43 6214 646612

megaspin 3000P

Full automatic high end balancer and tyre diagnostic centre
megaspin 3000P megaspin 3000P

New ergonomic design. Rim data is taken automically via laser and sonar.

  • No gauges.
  • Runout of rim
  • Runout of tire
  • Threat depth
  • Automatic brake and indication of the weight position with laser spot
  • TFT Touch-Screen.
  • ZERO WEIGHT wheel lift (option)
  • Automatic positioning by step motor
  • Konicity measurement
  • A4 printer for report print out (reports customizable)
  • Position laser for stick on weights (steel mode)
  • Pneumatic wheel clamping
  • OWB -- One Weight Balancing
  • Incl. all devices for calibration

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