Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann megaplan

A rich and proud history routing back to 1931

megalift SXXD.35

Low profile electro-hydraulic double scissor lift suitable for short and long wheelbasis vehicles
megalift SXXD.35 megalift SXXD.35

Electro-hydraulic double-scissors lift, frame contact, low profile equipped with rear drive-on/off ramps (L=267 mm) and front telescopic extensions (L=456 mm) to reach pick up points of the more demanding vehicles.

  • Volumetric synchronization with double redundant master/slave circuit that guarantees the stability of the load even in the presence of a anomaly (loss) in the hydraulic circuit.
  • Proximity sensor which detects any obstacles under the lift, preventing the vehicle overturning. According to the changes regulations being approved, this sensor will become mandatory in lifters newly produced.
  • Photocell with bypass button which detects any desynchronizations caused from leaks in the hydraulic circuit and prevents the overturning of the vehicle.
  • Upper stroke which prevents the reaching the top dead center in the pistons. This device is preparatory to realize the automatic flushing system and reduces the stress on the pistons, guaranteing them greater reliability. Automatic flushing system of the master/slave circuit makes the installation of the lift very quick and easy.
  • Power switch- Function indicator - Lowering/Lifting buttons.
  • Foot saving function activated by the limit switch lower than ~ 240mm above the ground and alone during the descent movement it stops run and activate the buzzer to avoid the risk crushing.
  • Control unit placed within 2 m distance. Lowering and lifting are carried out by means of the digital check panel located on the upper side.

The lift can be mounted either above floor or recessed with the inground frame (optional). 

Capacity 3500 kg
Min/Max lifting height  105-1900 mm
Lenght of the platform  1547-2270 mm
Width of platform  626 mm
Suggested free width between platforms  800-1000 mm
Lifting and lowering time  50 s. (20 s. high speed version)
Noise level 80 db(A)/1m
Working temperature   +10°C - 40°C
Package weight 1050 kg


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