Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann megaplan

A rich and proud history routing back to 1931

megaline Logik 8

Wheel alignment analyser with 8 sensors for cars and small vans
megaline Logik 8 megaline Logik 8
  • Particularly long service life: 24 working hours, 1 year guarantee
  • Incredibly light gauge heads: only 2.6 kg in weight
  • Transmission of the measurement data without cables with BT2 instant connection
  • Silicon accelerometer: impact-resistant
  • Direct charging of sensors: no time lost to dismantling
  • Dimensioned for the new SUV tyres: extensions no longer necessary
  • Wheel alignment of trucks and buses is possible for a small surcharge
  • Sunlight filter: extensions no longer necessary. Axle-spacing of over 12 m, even outdoors and when exposed to the sun
  • Simple and intuitive software


Computer with WINDOWS operating system, 27" TFT monitor, colour printer,
USB keyboard, mouse
4 gauge heads for cars
4 wheel clamps + elastic protective tape + 2 wheel clamp fingers
2 front turntables for cars
1 steering wheel brake, 1 brake pedal stopper
Software and database for vehicles


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